FANTASY NOVEL by Ananta Govinda

Mirror of Desire is bringing the essence of ancient mysticism and spirituality into the format of a fantasy novel. This media project consists of a deluxe hardbound printed art book, media-rich Ipad app, music album and a fulldome immersive experience.

This collaboration of evolutionary artists spent over a decade researching wisdom books from many ancient traditions and created maps, references and imaginary devices that will help you visualize and understand the deeper meaning of the ancients and their urgent message to the residents of today.

Story by Ananta Govinda, Artwork by Vedic Renaissance Collective.

Music by Ananta Govinda, Indubious, John Wubbenhorst, Alex Liapin, Alan Tower, Anders Wasserfall and others.


Fantasy Novel:

First in a series, released as and E-book and hardbound editions.

Music Audio Album:

11 original soundtracks of music, themed around the story, in downloadable and CD options.


formatted for your Ipad media rich version of the book, combining story, music and animated visuals into an immersive experience.

Media Experience in a 360’ projection dome:

Join us in immersive experience of music, visuals and storytelling as we bring story of Mirror of Desire into the multi media dome.


  • Rising just above the Casual ocean on the very bottom of material cosmos Kastuba could see the Underworld regions, where residents were leaving in subterranean arrangements, avoiding sunlight and speaking in codes of technological sophistications.
  • Kastuba could see now the land of Harivrat at the foothils of the Timeless Ring. Protected by the powers of White Munis and guarded by Paladins of Light there lay the path of the pilgrim towards the axis of creation - the Pyramid on their ascend to the Room of Darshan and the world beyond - Para Desha.
  • Saturated with reason to its tiniest atom, that omniprésent light was filling Kastuba with a sense of self-containment and inner satisfaction. Gone were the sense of time and the fear of death. Distant and remote seems now his concern.
  • But how and why, you keep coming to me in the dream? And even though I never met you yet, I feel so strongly your presence in every breath I take. Somehow, I don’t even know your name….

Mirror of Desire comes as an Ipad app!

Media RIch Ipad App

We want to bring some of the best interactive and engaging qualities of the web into a mobile environment. Mirror of Desire will allow you to choose media format best suited to your taste:  choose to read or listen to the narration read by the other with the original background music, call on illustrations and maps, connect with the like minded readers through real time location

Full Length Audio Album

Enjoy more than an hour of  the original music composed by Ananta Govinda in collaboration with other world recognized artists: Indubious, Alan Tower, John Wubenhurst, Alex Liapin, Android Jones, Azul de Grasso and others. Listen in app with the slideshow on or off, or download as an stand alone music release

Audio Narration of the story read by the author

On the road or have no time to read? You can listen to the narration of the story read by the author with the background music turned on or off. Do that inside the app or download it to your music player

Interactive Digital Artwork

To make the story of step out from the digital domain into reality, we have animated and did some of our artwork interactive and engaging. Click through the pages, solve the puzzles and share experience with other fans of Mirror of Desire

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The Mirror of Desire album release consists of 11 original tracks unique in its beauty and sonic quality and

will be available as eco friendly hard-copy or digital download.

Preview some of the demo mixes here:


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Mirror of Desire comes as immersive media experience in a
modern projection system equipped with innovative hardware and software of, the world
leader in Fulldome technologies

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